Young Adults

Your young adult years should be memorable.


Your young adult years should be memorable, but they can be a lot more complicated than you imagined.
We are here to support you through them, providing a place of strength, perspective, and purpose for you.

We want to make the world  better.

The stage you’re in right now provides all sorts of unique opportunities you’ll never have any other point in life. But with those opportunities also come unique struggles as well.
The way we make the world better is through people like you living real lives with real purpose.

Each week,  we gather on Wednesday nights to challenge, encourage, and inspire each other to follow Jesus in real and authentic ways.

Thursday Night Gatherings

6:00 PM
265 W. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706

Our weekly gatherings are where we come together to gain strength, perspective, and purpose through being real with each other and with Jesus.

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